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A group of passionate professionals are gearing up to make an extraordinary short film. This is not a student production, but a production of highly talented individuals who have all worked professionally in their respected positions. Which makes it exciting that we anticipate the experience to be a short film crowning achievement for many of those involved.


Have you ever experienced the vision of the person you could have become? The work you could have accomplished? The life you could be living? Are you a writer who doesn't write? A painter who doesn't paint? An entrepreneur who never starts a venture?

Shadow Box is a movie about such a man. A man conditioned by society and his contemporaries to eke out an inauthentic and conformed existence. Day by day, hour by hour Aden slowly erodes away, spending his long days behind a computer desk in a telemarketing center, "sticking to the script."

"If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." Unfortunately for Aden, this destruction becomes all too REAL, when everything he secretly wishes he would have done LITERALLY come back to destroy him.   

With the help of an unexpected stranger, Aden must confront his unlived life or be destroyed by it. 

What do we need to make it happen? Shadow BOx

Although most of the cast and crew are being extremely generous in donating their time and talents for free, we do have hard costs that we unfortunately cannot avoid.

We need:

  • Locations (One location is costing us more than $3000 for the day)
  • Equipment rental  (lights, lenses, steadicam, etc)
  • Props, paint, and set dressing
  • Food and water for a 5 day shoot
  • Post production

We'll be shooting close to 12 hours a day for 5 consecutive days to keep the budget down to a minimum. Fortunately we're a professional crew, and have experienced actors, so we know how to get things done quickly and with minimal resources.

Most of the cost will go towards locations (Train station, coffee shop, office space, and a factory). Unfortunately most of the locations we need are also businesses so they do require some compensation, even after most have generously reduced their rate significantly.  

Please join us in making this a reality by showing your support. Every dollar helps us get closer to our goal. If everyone who visited this page contributed $10 (or as much as your heart and wallet will allow), we will reach our goal in no time and be able to make our movie.



Director - Bryan Rowland

If you don't know Bryan, you probably know his work. Bryan has traveled the globe shooting projects for The Foundation for a Better Life,, and is the go-to Director of the "I'm a Mormon" campaign. Bryan is an amazing director and has uncanny skills with a camera, as his website will profess. He'll be using a Red Epic on this shoot.

Director/Producer - Brad Johnson

Brad has been in the business for a long time and was mentored by acclaimed director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical I,II,III, Newsies, The Michael Jackson documentary, etc) who is now a family friend. Brad has completed three motion pictures in the last two years, recently returned from the Ukraine and Thailand on another project, and has teamed up with Oscar nominated producer John Kelly on a number of exciting new projects in development.

Writer/Actor/Producer - Allan Groves

Allan is an award winning writer and actor. His last short film "Hellespont" has won a number of awards and is currently traveling the globe through the film festival circuit. He has been an actor for over 20 years, and is best known for his role of Ricardo Irving in Capcom's Resident Evil 5. In February of this year Allan also wrapped shooting on his 2nd Disney movie Cloud Nine, to be released sometime later this year. Allan has acted opposite Anthony Michael Hall, Emily VanCamp, America Ferrera, Aidan Quinn, Chris Pratt, Zachary Ty Bryan, Dove Cameron, Eric Allan Kramer and many more.

The Script - Shadow Box Reviews:

Screenplay Readers said: "Shadow Box is a highly suspenseful thriller that keeps you on edge from the opening scene to the ending, the plot is unpredictable and original. The tension is at its best. The audience is thoroughly invested in the events. A chilling psychological supernatural thriller sure to keep you pondering."

Another screenwriter said: "The plot is short, but thrilling. It doesn't waste time at all. It just grabs you by the balls from the get go and doesn't let up until the last page. In general, there really isn't a single thing I did not like about this script."

We need YOUR help to make up the difference!

Your contribution helps us afford those things we can't get for free! Every dollar contributed is guaranteed to show up on the screen by way of...

  • Amazing Locations
  • Awesome Visual Effects
  • Cool Lighting
  • Killer Sound
  • Happy Actors
  • Helping Hands
  • And More...


Most important of all, you'll be helping to achieve an extraordinary outcome, giving life to a truly special story, and participating in a short film crowning achievement!

Please be a part of the experience and become a partner in bringing this story to the big screen, by clicking contribute now.

By contributing to Shadow Box you're also investing in the future of everyone involved, the passion that fuels art and creativity, and the education and development of the community. Help our future by helping us make this one-of-a-kind movie today!



You can also help by sharing our link and generating buzz for Shadow Box.

The more people know about it the better! Also, check in for fun updates as our project progresses!

Please show your support now!


A couple years ago we had a successfull Kickstarter campaign for the same movie with a different title called Annabelle. Since this campaign we have realized we're going to need more money then our initial projections. The script has gone through some major rewrites and we've even had the opportunity to shoot another shortfilm in the meantime. This has given us added experience, added time on the script and stronger connections in the industry - to make SHADOW BOX even better than what we hoped for a couple years ago. All the perks from the Kickstarter campaign will still be recognized and we hope that you will join us making this movie even better than what we anticipated! 

HURRAY!!! We met our goal of $5000.00 on kickstarter!!!!

We are currently in Pre-pre production on the film and with any luck will begin principle photography in the next couple of months! I will be posting updates on this page as we progress towards shoot dates.

As for now, here is a list of the wonderful people who deserve a special thanks for helping us reach our goal!

Barrett White

Kami Coleman

Eddy Dos Santos

Elizabeth Abbott

Anthony LeRoy Lovato

Renny Richmond

Audrey Virginia Trottier

Melissa Jackson

Brittany Winberg

Lee Fobert

Shelby Taylor Maughan

Autumn Baxter

Timothy Buck


Brian Stephens

Ben Groves

Kira Peacock

Loren Groves

John Kless

Freddie Avalos

Amanda Ritchie / RedJackal

Jim Morse

Thank you again for your support!

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