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I'm proud to be apart of another fantastic Disney movie!!! Cloud 9 is executive produced by Ashley Tisdale and legendary snowboarder and gold medalist Shaun White!!!

The movie stars the super sweet Dove Cameron - and the script is fantastic!  

All I have right now is a picture of the where we did the read through! haha

Read Through


Congrats to Jason Falasco, Mario DeAngelis, and Brad Johnson on a great project! I had a day shooting with none other than Hollywood icon - Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall and Allan Groves

Allan is pleased to be cast as Collin in Candlelight Media Group's new pilot - Austentatious. 
Based off the Characters in Jane Austin books set in the modern day.

Allan and Elise Austentatious

"Hellespont" A short film written by Allan Groves, Directed by Brad Johnson

August 2011 we'll be on the Utah Salt Flats!!! Learn more here.

Allan Groves - Hellespont

"Good Luck Charlie" The Movie! 03/30/11


That's right! Allan has been officially cast as a character in the movie version of the Disney TV show "Good Luck Charlie."
More info to come...
Good Luck


The 3 Musketeers 


Allan recently finished Hale Centre Theatre's production of THE 3 MUSKETEERS as D'Artagnan.

Sneek Peek of the Show!!!


Allan's 3 Musketeers Bio -


Allan is extremely enthused to be performing once again on a HCT stage. His last performance for HTC was over 10 years ago in SLC where he played a Pirate/Policeman in Pirates of Penzance. Since then he has enjoyed many other roles for both stage and film, yet none so conflicting. For all you video game enthusiasts, you may have also recognized Allan from his recent appearance as a bad guy, and level 3 boss RICARDO IRVING, in Capcom’s new video game RESIDENT EVIL 5 ( For all you who aren’t video game enthusiasts, don’t worry, Allan isn’t really a bad guy or a level 3 boss. Video games aren’t real… yet Allan is.  He is also excited to be doing his second show with his real sister Elise Groves, who for a second time plays his sister in a real show. (Does that make sense?) Allan and Elise recently played brother and sister in a national touring show called “This Is Your Life” with FoodPlay Productions. An emmy award-winning production company dedicated on educating students in nutrition, health, and body image through the power of live theatre. Allan is thrilled to finally be working with John and Tamara Adams and is grateful to be apart of the team… and that’s all there is to it.  




Allan has just finished doing the voice of SLAYER for Dungeon Fighter Online. This game has had record breaking success in Asian markets and now will test the US markets.  Go here to read up on the game and character.  


Check out the teaser trailer HERE! 



Allan and his sister Elise have also been cast in "This is your life" by the emmy award winning FoodPlay Productions. FoodPlay is a nutrition media company which tours the nation's schools and special events using the power of live theater and interactive resources to turn kids on to healthy eating and exercise habits. Allan and his sister have been touring the east coast and are now currently in Utah until May. FoodPlay Productions' programs have been created under sponsorship by the US Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, and departments of public health and education throughout the country ( 




"thank you for the opportunity to see TIYL!  Both teachers' and students' responses were overwhelmingly positive about the program. Please pass our comments to the performers---the students said they were hilarious--RIGHT ON TARGET!  We encourage them to continue producing such shows, and we encourage TMC to keep sponsoring!  Please let us know next year if you have another show. Thanks!"

"I wanted to take a minute and tell you I thought the program This Is Your Life   was great. I enjoyed it very much. The entire program was so educational and interesting. It’s a shame more schools didn’t take advantage of this program. My son Jesse, who is a 8th grader at Central Middle said he thought when he was told what they were coming to see it would be boring but was surprised at how much he learned and thought that it was very good and not boring in the least. Thank you for all your hard work."