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Melissa P said:

"I would LOVE to see Ricardo Irving in this movie! Allan Groves did an incredible job bringing depth and a memorable quality to this character and I know that there are many others besides me who would be fascinated to know the story of this mysterious “businessman with standards”, so PLEASE, bring Irving to the big screen!!"

Allan is proud to be one of the new bad guys in Resident Evil 5- Ricardo Irving! He finished motion capture, facial capture, and voice over last year and the game is already getting amazing reviews!!! Rated a 9.4 on gametrailers.com this game was released March 2009. Allan is extremely excited about the great reviews this new character has been getting and thanks all the RE 5 fans who have posted their thoughts. Here are a few of the cool things people have been saying: CHECK OUT MORE COMMENTS HERE

"I thought that Capcom cast Irving's voice actor perfectly. He really makes him appear as though he was an actual insane person. He is a commendable, no, amazing voice actor."

"Ricardo Irving's Voice actor and model : I don't know how you do it , but your voice make me horny >:O"

"Ricardo Irving. love him or BE WRONG!"

"Irving did need a bigger role, he's really the only character that i got drawn into, after he died, i was kinda hoping the game was coming to an end, bc it really got boring after that."

"I heart Irving"

"lol Irving has the most awesome voice for a voice actor lol , the laugh , the sound , ITS ALL AWEOSOME"

"holy shit i like irving's style"

"bad guy or not, hes my favorite character in resident evil 5"


"Hell yeah he deffinately should have been in the game alot more. He was really cool in it too."

"I really like the voice acting done for Irving, I think is splendid"

"Irving is awesome. Wish they made him more important than Excella;"

"yea I love Irving mostly cuz of the voice acting"

"He's going to be one the the characters you remember"

"i cant wait to see more of this guy in the game, his character is really different from what resident evil has seen so far"

"He's definitely an awesome RE5 character. His accent and actions are just awesome."

"They made him some minor character when he could have been used SO much more well"

"God. He's my favorite"

"he has the best evil laugh ever"

"OMFG! Sweet! xD I want this villain!  lol :p I'd rate 5/5, but can only d the thumbs up thing. ;)"

"One of the new antagonists from Capcom's Resident Evil 5, is quickly becoming famous and well liked."

"it is irving, this guys got an awesome voice actor a lot like ramom salazar."

"Until now Ricardo Irving is the most interesting RE5 character for me....I want to know all the story behind that man."

"best character in the game"

"your appeare in resident evil 5 is much to short!!! i demand a own Irving game ;)
Please keep the good work going! I'm a FAN!"



Someone made Irving look like the Joker... nice.


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NEW INTERVIEW: http://girlsofwar.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/entrevista-com-allan-groves-ricardo-irving-em-resident-evil-5/#more-6813






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  1. Hi Allan, I sent you a message a few weeks back but Im not sure if it got sent through. congrats again on resident evil; Im getting it in less than a week haha kindest regards Anthony

    anthony ingruber Fri, 6 Mar 2009

  2. Hi Allan! Your work is great, I'm somehow fascinated of the character - as you give it some soul... Hey, would you please tell me, as a longtime RE-Fan, if THIS character is actually Steve Burnside or not? ^^ Sorry for tryin'. Greetings from Germany! Gonna enjoy your voice at game release, I promise. - Jan -

    — Jan W. Thu, 29 Jan 2009

  3. Ah, Greetings Allan! I've recently been introduced to your work, via your performance in the upcoming 2009 title, RE5. I appreciate your contribution to the developing series, and look forward to seeing your Mo-Cap/VA skills in action at the time of release. Cheers! -AER

    — Amanda R. Sat, 31 Jan 2009

  4. ALLAN!! I absolutley am your biggest fan! I think I saw you rummaging your way through the crowds at Sundance film festival in Park City Utah but couldn't get over to you soon enough to say hi. You rock man. I love your work and hope that I get to meet you in person someday! I am really excited about your upcoming game release! Good luck with your healthy food promotion stuff, what do you do exactly with that? I picture you dressing up as a big carrot dancing around??

    — Scott Butler Wed, 4 Feb 2009

  5. Hello there Allan. I've just seen the latest RE5 trailer with more footage of your character and the mysterious woman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynELsF-W5sk&feature=channel_page I have to say I'm very impressed with how the game is shaping up, and it certainly looks like you're going to become one of the more interesting villains in this series based on what we've seen so far. So congrads on your impact into the Resident Evil saga. I'll keep a watch out for Irving.

    — Smiley Fri, 13 Feb 2009

  6. I've never heard of you until RE5. But wow, you look just like your character Irving! And the voice acting that I've heard from various trailers is amazing. I'm excited to see how the rest of your performance turns out. Best of luck!

    — Diego J. Sun, 15 Feb 2009

  7. Allan I'm really excited for the new game and seeing you in action as a villain.

    — Jon C. Tue, 3 Mar 2009

  8. Allan, man, you're one of the best villains I've seen in the entire RE series - Although you got that annoying little voice which made my ears bleed, I still LOVED it! Hope to see you in other motion-capture work! Good luck and best of wishes

    — Michael R. Sun, 8 Mar 2009

  9. "I JUST GOT AN EXTREME MAKEOVER!" Definitely the highlight of the game. My friends and not only laughed so hard that we lost battle succeeding that line, but we've been repeating it over and over for a week. Good work my friend, you really brought life to that character, making him without a doubt one of my favorite Resident Evil characters yet.

    — Donovan MacTaggart Fri, 20 Mar 2009

  10. Allan, I just wanted to say, I really like your voice acting. Irving is now one of my favorite Resident Evil characters, and I really like how you made him sound. Keep up the good work man. I really hope they put you as one of the new main characters for Resident Evil 6.

    — Jacob K Sat, 21 Mar 2009

  11. You.. look like Irving! o.O I wonder if Capcom modeled him after you? Anyway, just wanted to say that I loved Irving's voice and the way he speaks. Nice job! :D

    — Melu Tue, 31 Mar 2009

  12. You were awesome in Resident Evil, I hope to see in some other future Resident Evil installments. Take Care

    — Randy Tue, 16 Jun 2009

  13. haha funny if you dont answer the math problem

    kyle norton Fri, 12 Feb 2010

  14. Freakin love your voice. I've actually been replaying the game specifically because I love how you portray Ricardo Irving. You give him so much life, I really wish he had a bigger part in the game. Also he's pretty damn hard to draw as well. But all around, you're awesome!

    Theresa Mon, 21 Mar 2011

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    MikeWrnp Mon, 21 Mar 2011

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